Created by Marshall Britt

Re-Chord is a guitar themed euro game for 1-5 players which plays in approximately 40-60 minutes. You are a budding guitarist, a rising star in your genre of music perfecting your craft to become a legend. Using real guitar picks to play chords, can you become the most famous guitarist of all time?

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production Proof Video and Address Locks
about 1 month ago – Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 10:24:37 PM

Hello everyone,

Here is a quick video showing off the production proof we recently received! If you are not in a place where you can watch a video I've detailed the important bits below. I'll also share a bit about the locking of addresses so if you've got any concerns about having a different shipping address, read on. 

Shipping Timelines

We expect the boat carrying games to North America take 4-6 weeks depending on how departure schedules line up with our freight folks. Those games are headed to our fulfillment center and will be processed and then sent out to backers. The forwarder for the rest of the world is planning to pick up the games directly from the factory and deliver them to the fulfillment hub. They will process these and ship them, timelines vary depending on region but I feel safe in saying the majority of you will see your games early this summer. We will update you when the games reach each shipping milestone but as always, feel free to message us directly with any questions or concerns. 

Address Locks

To expedite the shipping process we are going to be locking the shipping addresses in backerkit next week. This will allow us to prepare both shipping outlets with your information so that the turnaround upon arrival is more easily managed. If you have any doubt about the address you entered in the backerkit feel free to PM me and I'll check it to be sure that we have your current shipping info. 

We are incredibly thrilled to be reaching the point where you all receive your games and want to thank you again so much for your incredible patience. We appreciate your understanding while we made sure that what you got was a genuine guitar product with real picks. I hope you'll love the quality as much as we do! 

Thanks again, and I wouldn't be much of a Kickstarter creator if I didn't drop a quick reminder that our next game "Blume" is currently live on Kickstarter and funded in only 6 hours! 

Have a fantastic week,


Blume is Live!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 08:13:25 PM

Hello Everyone,

Our next project is live on Kickstarter! In addition to this fun news I wanted to share that I met with our factory rep at PAX East and Re-Chord is almost completely finished. The only thing we are waiting on prior to packing and shipping is the upgraded picks! I've been assured that these are finishing this week at the facility making them. 

We'd love to see all of you join us for Blume today! Stevo Torres has done an incredible job with both the design and the artwork.. Andrew and I had an amazing time working on the development of Blume and we are thrilled to share it with you finally. Thanks for everything and have a wonderful week! 

New Picks, Production, and April Flowers
2 months ago – Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 09:23:54 PM

New Picks

Hey everyone! We are in the final stages of production for Re-Chord and we've decided to make a pretty substantial upgrade to the guitar picks. The new picks have a beveled edge and are similar to deluxe quality picks you'd purchase from major name brand guitar makers. I'll be honest, these were expensive and increased costs substantially but the quality is absolutely incredible. I want to thank you all for your patience while we worked time and time again with our partners to get this right. You'll see in these pictures for yourself that even the Re-Chord text is crisper and bolder than the previous picks. Once you feel these you'll notice that they have the give of a medium guitar pick, which was the deciding factor for me in making this final upgrade. I'll record a short video using one to play a guitar this weekend. 

New Picks Front and Back
New Picks Front and Back

Production of Re-Chord

Production is in progress and we hope to have a production sample in the very near future. This will be an update with photos and as soon as it arrives I'll also live stream a video showing off everything. It will be saved for viewing later of course. Thanks to our amazing backers once again for your patience, I realize this project has been much longer than expected and I really do feel the quality upgrades we've made are worth the time spent. We couldn't have done this without your patience and understanding, we appreciate you. Post production we are looking at a four week boat ride for the North American backers and a somewhat similar timeline for rest of world, though we'll get more info on those as our partners make plans to pick up games from the factory. This means Re-Chord is slated to begin shipping to backers as early as May. 

April Showers Bring Blume Flowers

Our next game, Blume is launching on April 1st! We are delighted to bring Blume to Kickstarter at the beginning of next month. Blume was designed by Stevo Torres and developed by Andrew and I.  We've had a blast tending and pruning our gardens with game enthusiasts of all ages across the country this year while promoting Blume (and Re-Chord!). We hope you'll join us on the first! Blume is complete and will be printing as soon as the campaign ends, we've learned a ton of things from the production of Re-Chord and one of those is that delays aren't fun! Blume is pre-production prepped and we've made plans for it to follow Re-Chord in the production queue, it also has nothing as complicated as custom guitar picks. There is a facebook launch event HERE, a facebook group HERE, and the BGG page HERE. We'd love to see you all back with us for Blume, it's a unique economic tile laying (and pruning) game that grows with your family!

Proof and Printing Update
3 months ago – Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 12:36:01 AM

 Hello Everyone, 

Thanks for your patience, we've got a fantastic update for you tonight! 


We've gotten our final round of proofs back from the factory and the improvements are really noticeable, we are thrilled to share some new pictures of the latest changes. At the bottom of this update you'll see a video showing off the spot UV dials on the digital proof cover. These mixed with the other spot UV additions really took the box to the next level and we are really pleased with how well this turned out. We'd like to stress how immensely thankful we are for your patience while we've worked with the factory to prepare a product that we can be incredibly proud of. 

Spot UV Dials, Thicker Lanyards, and Updated Playmats
Spot UV Dials, Thicker Lanyards, and Updated Playmats


Mentioned above are the spot UV updates but we've made quite a few changes that I want to disclose here (almost entirely cosmetic, of course). I'd initially designed the playmat so the picks were facing the opposite way in the supply. The goal was trying to help players understand that the spacial orientation of the picks was relevant to the placement. This didn't seem to work as intended and having them match the rule reminders and rule book orientation has helped immensely in blind play testing feedback. There is a small keyword change needed on this playmat that we will confirm with a photo proof as it's simply an artifact from the development process.

Layout Fixes to Genre Cards, 4 x Larger Score Pad, Updated Picks, Spot UV Box Side, and the new Insert.
Layout Fixes to Genre Cards, 4 x Larger Score Pad, Updated Picks, Spot UV Box Side, and the new Insert.

The insert was plain and a bit underwhelming when it first arrived, so we decided that the amazing art piece of the two guitarists by Jennifer Hrabota-Lesser should replace that. We also had some oddly omitted letters on a couple of genre cards and we changed the layout which was a solid fix. The scorepad has been increased in size and the newest set of picks look and feel quite nice, they have a matte finish and play well, I'll post a riff sometime soon using some of these. 


Our factory reps are returning from New York Toy Fair and our project is ready to print as soon as we confirm the small wording change on the playmat. Printing should take roughly 30 days at the most, so we will update you with photos as the games head towards fulfillment. We're currently considering putting all of the"backer only" lanyards inside your game boxes to help ensure they arrive consistently. We are going to print a handful of extra lanyards for replacement/lost in transit issues but this will greatly reduce the risk of the clasp scratching other items in your shipping box. This isn't a final choice but I'm leaning towards it for simplicity's sake at the various fulfillment outlets. Backerkit locked this week and cards should see charges no later than Friday, if you have any issues just shoot me a message. 

Thanks again for your amazing support and consistent patience while we get everything sorted to send you the best game possible. We are incredibly happy to start printing and shipping Re-Chord. Be on the lookout for "Blume" by Stevo Torres, being published by Yanaguana Games and coming to Kickstarter early this Spring. Have a wonderful week and thanks again for everything.

Spot UV Video

Backerkit Closure Extended until February 15th
4 months ago – Fri, Feb 01, 2019 at 12:56:04 AM

Extended Backerkit Timeline

Hello everyone! We've decided to extend the Backerkit closure one last time and I wanted to fill everyone in on why. 

First, we've had a handful of folks contact us and say they'd love to back the campaign before the 31st but due to the government shutdown or delayed tax return schedules they'd be unable to unless we gave them a couple more weeks to recover from the holiday season. Second, The Chinese New Year gives us a bit of time to finalize our SKU counts for each backer. Feel free to add a T-Shirt or another copy of Re-Chord for a friend, it will ship out with your pledge. 

Third, I want to give all of our backers a fair warning that the backerkit will be closing in TWO WEEKS. This means cards will charge, shipping addresses will lock, and no further pre-orders will be offered via backerkit. You'll be the first to receive Re-Chord and we wont be sending retail copies out to anyone that wasn't a retail pledge until all of our backers have had their copies sent out. 

It's the Final Countdown

This is the home stretch, we really appreciate you all being patient with us while we assure the quality is up to the standard we desired. Please feel free to message me directly if you need a new backerkit link or reminder email, there is still a small percentage of you who didn't fill out your surveys, on the off chance you are reading this, please do it before February 15th! Thanks again and look for another update next week on the 8th, with new proof photos and a final one week reminder about backerkit.