Created by Marshall Britt

Re-Chord is a guitar themed euro game for 1-5 players which plays in approximately 40-60 minutes. You are a budding guitarist, a rising star in your genre of music perfecting your craft to become a legend. Using real guitar picks to play chords, can you become the most famous guitarist of all time?

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update for all Backers and more!
9 days ago – Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 11:21:18 PM

Hello everyone! 

I've got good news for all of you, shipping is in progress for the US/CAN and we have a date for the arrival of product at our hub for the rest of the world! I visited the warehouse earlier this week to check on the stock and progress and to my delight they were busy packing up everyone's games to go out starting on Friday the 9th! Many of you should see your games this coming week, and I'll update as shipping completes. Below are the details of some shipping oddities, if you got any add-ons or are a backer from outside of CAN/US this is relevant to you.

Shipping Details and Add-ons

Shipping started on Friday and will continue this coming week for all US/CAN orders as mentioned above. If you had a guitar miniature add-on or extra picks your extras may arrive in a different package solely due to shipping costs being lower in certain zones for a smaller box and a bubble mailer. The Guitar Miniatures are protected by a green prescription type bottle and some peanuts inside each. I'm posting a video to show how to use the bottle as a tool to hold your miniature while you paint it, so don't throw it out! If anything is missing for your order within a few days of when it arrives, feel free to send us a message and we will make sure to contact the warehouse. 

Shipping to the Rest of World

I've gotten an update from the UK that the expected warehouse date is August 29th, they expect it to take roughly a week to process games for delivery. The delay came from a miscommunication from the freight forwarder and forced the games onto a boat that was leaving port later than we expected. I apologize, I know you've been incredibly patient and I really want you to have your games, we appreciate your understanding. I'll make sure they have all their add-ons and directions this coming week so there is no delay once the games arrive. 

Gen Con 2019

Gen Con was an amazing show this year, I was there for work but I did take three copies of Re-Chord with me for folks who helped us out during the campaign with coverage or behind the scenes. One of those folks wanted a friend of theirs to take it for review and they actually mentioned it in the Top Ten Games they saw at Gen Con!  We are thrilled to be on a list with such an amazing mix of games and to be mentioned out of the thousands of games at the show (when we only brought three copies!) is such an amazing feeling. We couldn't have done it without all of you and we greatly appreciate you all working with us to make the best game possible with great looking and feeling components. 

Setlist Correction

As we've had folks playing the production copy we were notified that an artifact from an old file set made it's way into the production of Re-Chord. In Setlist 3 there is an Am Chord and it should be replaced with the D9. This means you'd use the D9 chords and on the songs with Am use a D9 instead. We've also looked and there is nothing stopping players from using an Am7 chord card which can be easier to remember. I apologize, the process we use is a data merge with inDesign and somehow an old spreadsheet got linked to the production file. As any other typos or concerns arise we will add official errata to Board Game Geek and create a FAQ section on the website. 

Thanks again for all of your patience and we look forward to hearing / seeing your reactions as the games arrive to each of you!

U.S. copies are in the Country - Rest of world is on the way!
about 1 month ago – Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 11:22:46 PM

US/CAN Fulfillment

Hello everyone,

As of Friday morning the US/CAN bound games were in Chicago, Illinois awaiting transport to Saint Paul, MN where they'll be fulfilled by our partners at Atlas Games! I'm really thrilled to say that within the next couple of weeks US and Canadian backers will begin seeing their games arrive. A case of the production copies was shipped to my office and we got to play a game at work last week. I'm incredibly proud of the product that you'll be getting and I hope you all share that pride as it wouldn't have been possible without you.

Rest of World Fulfillment

The fulfillment partner in the UK is picking games up at the factory this week. They've assured me that the timeline to begin shipping copies is roughly the same as the US/CAN orders, but that we can expect that certain areas will take three or more weeks. If you have any questions feel free to contact Andrew or Me directly. 

Address Changes

If you have any address changes after Tuesday, they will be very difficult to accommodate. Please ensure your shipping address is up to date and if you aren't sure, DM us quickly!

New Stir Fry Eighteen Retail Box

We've also just finished prepping the new Stir Fry Eighteen retail counter display box and we wanted to share it with you all! This box marks the first time we are making Stir Fry Eighteen available for distribution and we are super excited to get these out to retail locations across the world.

Thanks again for all of your support and if you need anything at all during the fulfillment process feel free to reach out to us directly. Have a wonderful week!

It's on a Boat!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 09:17:29 PM

Re-Chord on the Water

Hello Everyone! 

Re-Chord is currently en route to both fulfillment outlet hubs! Our container is traveling on the Navarino,  and is expected to arrive in Chicago on July 8th, then transported to Minnesota on the 10th where they'll be stored and shipped by Atlas Games. You can track the progress of the container ship HERE!

Rest of World

The copies not bound for the US or Canada are also en route to the UK however we are not first in line at the UK fulfillment hub so I'll update as soon as those begin shipping to backers. Our goal is to have everything shipped out to backers by the end of July. If you have any questions or need to confirm your address feel free to reach out to Andrew or Me directly. 

Origins Wrap

I just returned from Origins where I got to show a production copy of Re-Chord to some industry professionals and I was really happy with the responses. The inclusion of our neoprene playmat in the box really seemed to excite quite a few folks, and once a couple of them saw the guitar picks were not just "guitar pick shaped plastic" but "real guitar picks" they were very impressed. Pictured below with the rare hat-less Marshall is Daniel Zayas who not only helped us run this campaign, but works closely with our manufacturing partner. Daniel and our account manager Christina were instrumental in helping us find a facility to make "true custom guitar picks" and we got to chat at Origins about all things Re-Chord. We'd like to thank Daniel and the entire manufacturing team for listening to us and doing whatever it took to make sure we delivered what we set out to create. 

I hope as games begin arriving you each have similar reactions, but as always if anything arrives damaged, missing, or even if your dog gets a hold of the package, contact Andrew and I so we can make it right. You've been the most amazing backers we could have ever hoped for and you've been incredibly patient and forgiving. Thanks again and I'll update soon to let you know when you should see your tracking emails, have a wonderful week. 

Re-Chord is leaving the factory!
3 months ago – Thu, May 30, 2019 at 10:44:23 PM

Production Complete!

Hello everyone, we are happy to share that Re-Chord and all accessories are completed at the factory and currently being transported to the proper fulfillment locations. Below I've detailed the procedure for US/ROW and what to expect in general. (I've also added all four failed attempts at posing for a picture for this update...) I want to thank you so much for your incredible patience and can assure you the product you are receiving is far higher in quality due to your gracious patience. The new picks are amazing, the Spot UV detail on the box, the new art laden interior, and a number of slight quality upgrades all around are the best "thank you" we can deliver, but thank you again for trusting in us and giving us the needed time. 

Fulfillment Stage

We are finally here! The games are scheduled to ship to our fulfillment outlets, passage is booked for freight, and our warehouses are ready to receive Re-Chord and get it sent out to you all as quickly as possible. I'll get into the specifics of the shipping details below but I'd like to once again thank each and every one of you for your amazing patience and understanding while we worked with our manufacturer to ensure the quality of each component was considered carefully.

USA - 

Games are currently being moved from the factory to the boat, and we will get a more exact date once the vessel is in transit. Generally the games spend between 25-40 days on the water depending on the port(s) they will arrive in. Our fulfillment partner in the US is prepared to start shipping games the week they arrive so expect to start seeing games arriving to you mid-summer. I'll of course update more frequently over the course of the next month to keep you all informed about anything that comes up. 

Rest of World - 

These copies will be reaching their fulfillment center at roughly the same time and should begin shipping in 30-45 days depending on customs traffic. Most regions should see games by the end of the summer at the latest. Please understand that per region, postal and customs procedures can vary greatly. 

I'll post another update next week and share a bit of insight into the changes that we've made over the past many months while you've been the most amazingly patient backers we could have ever asked for. Thanks again, we are thrilled to have the games in physical motion to their final destinations, your homes.

Production Proof Video and Address Locks
4 months ago – Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 10:24:37 PM

Hello everyone,

Here is a quick video showing off the production proof we recently received! If you are not in a place where you can watch a video I've detailed the important bits below. I'll also share a bit about the locking of addresses so if you've got any concerns about having a different shipping address, read on. 

Shipping Timelines

We expect the boat carrying games to North America take 4-6 weeks depending on how departure schedules line up with our freight folks. Those games are headed to our fulfillment center and will be processed and then sent out to backers. The forwarder for the rest of the world is planning to pick up the games directly from the factory and deliver them to the fulfillment hub. They will process these and ship them, timelines vary depending on region but I feel safe in saying the majority of you will see your games early this summer. We will update you when the games reach each shipping milestone but as always, feel free to message us directly with any questions or concerns. 

Address Locks

To expedite the shipping process we are going to be locking the shipping addresses in backerkit next week. This will allow us to prepare both shipping outlets with your information so that the turnaround upon arrival is more easily managed. If you have any doubt about the address you entered in the backerkit feel free to PM me and I'll check it to be sure that we have your current shipping info. 

We are incredibly thrilled to be reaching the point where you all receive your games and want to thank you again so much for your incredible patience. We appreciate your understanding while we made sure that what you got was a genuine guitar product with real picks. I hope you'll love the quality as much as we do! 

Thanks again, and I wouldn't be much of a Kickstarter creator if I didn't drop a quick reminder that our next game "Blume" is currently live on Kickstarter and funded in only 6 hours! 

Have a fantastic week,